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Introduction to The Tree Project

Why does The Tree Project exist?

The Tree Project was started for several reasons:

What is The Tree Project?

The Tree Project is about 3D modeling. It is basically a program written in the Java language, using the Java Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) for its GUI (I have not moved to a better GUI toolkit yet because my main focus so far has been on mathematics).

In the future, with The Tree Project you can design your own 3D models, travel through your 3D models and save your projects, images and even movies. However, The Tree Project is an ongoing project and this stage has not yet been reached. The current version provides for movement through simple 3D wireframe models and a limited animation feature.

How can The Tree Project benefit you?

The Tree Project is a study in 3D modeling. Also, you will find that The Tree Project contains information about the field of mathematics called linear algebra. Finally you can find several Java techniques which may be of interest to you.

The Tree Project is free and can be reused. Of course you cannot trademark my code or claim it as your own. I would be glad if you reference this site when you use documentation or portions of my code.

Note that the full documentation found on this page explains more about the use of Java and the AWT but this is not a Java course, so if you really want to understand the source code then I suggest you start to learn Java. There are several outstanding books and free websites on this.

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